Lemon Reel Film Sevices Namibia has partnered with international security specialist GPS Africa and Global Security Card to help in the fight against wildlife crimes, anti poaching and drought relief.

A modern approach to an age old problem

Poaching is a money generating industry and a way to survive. Together we have devised a modern approach to combat these issues. We gather intelligence in the area that we operate. Who, where, when and what? This information is translated into action plans to approach the problems at grass root level. Is it the desperate father trying to get food for his hungry children? is it the poor guy with no possible income? Is it the money hungry village tyrant trying to make a quick buck or even the international syndicate?

Each of these needs to be approached differently and we have found a way that up to now has shown tremendous success and we could lower wildlife related crime numbers significantly. Our anti poaching units in the field are starting to get bored as their engagements are getting less and less. These highly trained and dedicated rangers will always be needed to do their amazing work in the field as crime never seems to stop or stop evolving. 

Although large parts of Namibia have received good rains for the first time in years and the grass has grown beautifully, some areas are still drought stricken. Lemon Reel Film Services, GPS Africa and Global Security Card have been fortunate enough to help a little bit. We have sourced material and have put up water points in the Namib Desert. All these solar driven stations are low maintenance and data is collected for hydrologists to get a wider idea of the underground water situation.

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