Over the past 20 something years we have worked on various productions around the world. We have met the most interesting people, amazing animals and where fortunate enough to experience several once in a lifetime events. Deadly creatures, space shuttles, beautiful people, killer viruses, submarines and the most spectacular views.

Some we were fixing or producing others we provided crew and equipment for.

Lemonreel Film services and fixer Namibia amazing raceLemonreel film fixer in Namibia for Zodiak NetherlandLemonreel film fixer in Namibia for TinCan Netherlands

A selection of our productions

Production Client Genre
The Dark Tenor Universal Music Video
AZE VIPS Warner Brothers NL Reality
Invictus & Olympea Paco Rabanne Commercial
Zulu Pathe Feature Film
Big Animal Surgery BBC Documentary
Natural World Pangolins BBC Documentary
De Reis van je Leven Tin Can BV Travel
Spaniards Abroard Unicorn Content SL Lifestyle
Animals with Cameras BBC Documentary
Daimler Die Paten Image
Johnny into the Wild Simpel Media Travel
The Amazing Race WRP Reality
Tafel Lager Moments NBL Commercial
Rossing Mine Rio Tinto Safety/Image
Fierce ITV Documentary
Just Drive Camel Eye Feature
Galileo Spezial M. E. Works TV Magazine
Ayana La Belle Film Feature
Heidelberger Druck Die Paten Image